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Welcome to our blog. We will hopefully add information or share class events as needed or desired. Please check back periodically for updates.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Week Ahead and Our Week Rewind

Last week was such a busy week!  We worked very hard in all subjects and finally started stations and AR.  We are working hard and at a fast pace due to the amount of skills that we need to master this school year.  Last week we finished our unit on addition strategies and began our subtraction unit.  We completed daily problem solving and completed Rocket Math daily except for Friday.  Emma and Nathan are both on I in Rocket Math!  We continued our study of sentences with the focus of predicates.  In reading main idea was our focus.  In phonics/spelling we worked on building and dissecting words with inflected ending.  We will revisit this  phonics skill later this year-no worries.  In science we continued our focus on space.  Our ticket auction began Friday and we will finish it Monday afternoon.  (I am purchasing a few more prizes this weekend to add to the auction .)

Next/this week (Sept. 17-21) will be a different week for us- which is a bummer since we are finally getting into a routine.  We are taking the SAT 10 test on Tuesday and it will end on Thursday.  This test will be given in the afternoon after lunch.  It is important that early dismissals are avoided if possible.  This test will provide us with a baseline and be used to compare to the test given in the spring.  Since a big part of our day will be spent testing we will not do a new spelling/story vocabulary list (Sept. 17-21).  We will not do a reading story.  We will however continue our math, language and social studies.  We will continue- subtraction, problem solving and Rocket Math.  The math packet is due Friday.  In language we will focus on questions and statements.  We will finish space unit on Tuesday and begin our social studies unit of landforms. There is an extra credit activity for social studies on the newsletter in the binder and it is due by Friday (Sept 21).  Friday we will do activities with apples.  Don't forget your apple (Friday, Sept. 21).  Friday-21st  is also our extra behavior recess for those that earned it.

Stars in the Pond
  • Emma was our Top Frog and was able to bring home the frog bag and a frog of her choice.  
  • Jayla is our next Top Frog!  
  • Maverick is our AR point leader.
  • Nathan and Emma are our Rocket Math Leaders.
  • Jolene was honored at our PTO meeting Tuesday for student of the month.
Thank you to everyone that sent in auction prizes!  The kids were very excited to see all of the prizes.  Thank you to those that participated in the fundraiser.   Thank you to those that ordered books.  Our class earned points for me to purchase books.  Thank you parents for your on-going support!

Please Remember
  • Apples need to be brought in by Friday-21st in a labeled bag.
  • Math homework is due by Friday-21st.
  • Extra credit is due by Friday. 
  • I have scheduled conferences with many.  Please contact me if you can not meet during your time. Please try to be on time.
  • Don't forget to have your child vote on the blog by Thursday night.

Let's have a great week!
Mrs. Walker

Our Moon Phases with Oreos

Last Wednesday we finished our study of the phases of the moon with Oreo Science. The kids really enjoyed the final project!
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Classroom Tour

This past weekend I took a few pictures of our classroom so others can view them on our blog! Check out our classrooom!
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome to a New Year in Mrs. Walker's 2nd Grade Pond

Wow, can you believe that we have been in school a little longer than 2 weeks!  I am very excited about the school year ahead of us.  We have a very challenging year ahead with many reading, math, language, and science/social studies skills to master.  I know that our class is up to the challenge.  The kids seem so excited about learning!
Below are just a few new things that we are beginning. 
This week we will begin our AR program.  We are testing over the leveled readers brought home last Thursday on Tuesday.  (Some have already taken their first test.  Nathan made our class's first 100% on a test!)  This Friday we will test over the leveled readers that will be sent home this Thursday.  Anyone who wants to take a test over their library book checked out last Friday may do so by Thursday.  Students will have to take a test over their library books after this week.  They must read their book 2 or more times (unless it is a chapter book).  They must have an adult ask them questions about their book.  The library book must have an AR dot.  Books may be brought from home to take AR tests- they must be on their reading level or above.  Last Tuesday I sent home an AR information sheet with your child's reading range and directions as to how to check for book levels and if a book has an AR test.  Please refer to this page before sending books to school for tests.  Each time a student gets a 100% on their test, they will get a hole punch on their AR card.  After 10 hole punches students receive a coupon to eat lunch in the classroom:)  On our blog we will keep track of point clubs- 10 point club, 20 point club, 30 point club, etc.  Most second grade AR books are worth .5 points when a 100% is made.  Top AR students will be announced in our weekly newsletter.  We will track our AR scores in class- 100%, 90%, and 80%.  Lastly, AR is a great way for students to get fired up about reading.  Let's get fired up! 
This week we jumped into Rocket Math.  Remember Rocket Math is a way for each child to master their math facts and to recall them with fluency.   Practice pages are in the back of the binder.  They may be taken out if needed.  Please make copies of these pages.  If you are needing more pages please let me know.  Checked Rocket Math pages will either be placed in the homework folder or graded papers folder.  We have a few in our class that have already made it to C!
Lastly, I want to thank you all for coming to parent night.  We had a record breaking turn out!  We are going to have a great year!
Stars in the Pond:  Happy Birthday- Nathan and Jadyn.  We are so excited to announce that Jadyn has a new baby brother- Jackson!
Jolene is our August Student of the Month.  She has worked hard, is polite, and always has a smile!  Way to go Jolene!!!
Thank you for visiting our blog!  Don't forget to have your child complete the survey by Thursday night.  We will review the results Friday.
Mrs. Walker :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Updates!!!

I am so sorry that I have not updated for the past 2 weeks. I have plans to add pumpkin pictures, Halloween pictures and field trip pictures this weekend. If you have pictures that you would like to share please email them to me. I want to thank those of you that have sent pictures.
I know that it has been confusing with us not having library books for 3 weeks! I forgot to send books from our class library this week:( We will have books this week Friday.
The homework projects look great!!! We are using the information to make family trees and recipe books. A new project will go home the week we return from Thanksgiving break.
Updates in the Pond
  • No school November 23, 24, 25
  • PTO and 2nd Grade program December 12th
  • December Family Project is due December 16th
  • Christmas Party December 21st - breakfast and a few activities
  • Watch for activities the week of December 19th. We will need candy canes, hot chocolate and other activity items
  • Christmas break starts December 22nd

Proud in the Pond

Arianna is our November Student of the month!! Happy Birthday Kaitlyn- November Birthday!! Chloe is our AR Leader! Mathew is on S on his Rocket Math!!!

Spelling City

If your looking for spelling practice or games, spelling city.com is the place to visit. I have the spelling lists updated for the next two units. We are currently starting 3.3 -compound words.

Math Facts and Practice

Please remember to practice Rocket Math. At the beginning of the year I placed practice sheets in the binder to be used or copied. In order to be successful and to complete work in a timely manner simple math computation must be mastered. There are still many that are using their fingers to add and subtract.

Math practice sheets may be made using mathfactcafe.com. This website can be used for math addition and subtraction pages, money practice, flashcards. It is a very useful free site!

Sight words

Sight words will be tested next week. I will test all students over the current lists in your child's binder. Please review the lists.

I hope that everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to Black Friday shopping. The challenge of finding the great deal and shopping at 4 in the morning is exciting. I am also looking forward to spending time with my family pigging out!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Walker

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekly News and Updates

I hope everyone is enjoying fall and the fall weather. As I've said before it is my favorite season!
We continue to stay very busy and we are still trying to settle into a good routine. I am hoping to set up a volunteer schedule and send it home next week. If you are available at a set time weekly please let me know so I can include you. Our homework schedule is a set schedule and it is the same weekly. Please check the FROG Binder for the homework assignment sheet and the Walker's Weekly for important news and assignments. Also with keeping and ensuring a routine it is very important that a note is sent before a planned absence or early dismissal. I can change our schedule or prepare makeup work if I know ahead of time that a student will be missing class time. Our math series covers a new skill daily so everyday is very important.
Save the Date
  • Pie Pumpkins are due no later than Thursday (27th). These are pumpkins sold at grocery stores - not the large pumpkins and not the tiny pumpkins.
  • Red Ribbon Week is this week. Check the binder for dress up days.
  • Our Fall/Halloween Party is Monday, October 31st @ 1:30. Students and parents only.
  • Grandparents' lunch and book fair is Friday, Nov. 4th.
  • Our class will visit the book fair Tuesday, Nov. 8th. Any money sent needs to be in an envelope labeled with your child's name, and amount.
  • Our field trip is Wednesday, November 9th. This is our only field trip!
  • A Social Studies Project will be sent home next week.

Proud in the Pond

Our Student of the Month for September is Abby! Our Student of the Month for October is Chloe! They both do their best with all of their work. They are kind to their classmates.

Matthew is our Top Frog for the week!

Mathew and Cole are blasting off in Rocket Math! They both are on R!

Don't forget to complete our new survey!

Mrs. Walker

Monday, October 3, 2011

We're starting another week of learning and it is so close to fall break! We have to stay focused and then we'll be ready for a long, enjoyable break! This week we will work on reading, building, and breaking apart contractions. We will review reality/fantasy stories and how they are different. Our focus in Language will be proper nouns. We will constantly strive for reading with fluency, accuracy, and expression. This takes practice. In math we will begin money. It is very, very, very important that your child can identify coins and their value. We will jump right in to counting up the value of coins to a dollar. This can easily be practiced just by letting your child count change around the house, or by having them count out the money needed for purchases. Please continue to practice Rocket Math.
Thursday is Mr. Creasy Day. Mr. Creasy is retiring. He is veteran and an important part of our school. We will all need to wear red, white and blue on Thursday. Please feel free to make him a card.
Friday is Ms. Tate Day. Friday is her last day. You may write her notes, draw pictures, or just tell her how much we will miss her.
Friday is our behavior movie and ticket auction. Please, remember to send in auction items.
Let's have a great week!
Mrs. Walker